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Consulting for Your Objectives

On our first talk, you can tell us your specific requirements and our experts will take factors like budget, geometry, thickness, threading, joints and technology into account. We possess the expertise to bring your objectives to completion.

Design and Engineering

Design decides on the series production. We prioritize analyzing the original parts and carbon fiber elements to produce high-quality and precise products.
3D Scanning
3D Drawing

360° Scan the Original Part

Once receiving your car component, our professionals will never hesitate to make an integrated analysis. Our advanced 3D scanners allow us to know the information about complexity, carbon fiber elements, weave pattern, etc., easily and rapidly.

Convert 2D drawing to 3D CAD

After scanning the components and mastering the essential specifications, our experienced engineering team will create a 3D CAD to facilitate the following modeling process.

Rapid and Precise Prototyping

We specialize in taking a completely new component from concept and 3D drawing to full-scale production. The prototype is made to fit your original part and enhance the aesthetic look perfectly.

Sample Approval

When the prototyping is completed, samples will be shipped within seconds. You can check if the weave pattern, color, structure, and fitment comply with your ideal needs. If you have any requirements about modification, our skilled engineering team will effortlessly provide support for you.

Series Production

After confirming the prototype, our seasoned manufacturing team will start the production. We possess the know-how and expertise required to control the whole procedure, from material cutting and laying out on the mold to product forming and treatment.

Rigorous Quality Inspection

We commit to prioritizing quality control and supplying outstanding carbon fiber car parts. For your trust, our professionals will process meticulous inspection regarding the weave pattern, smoothness, and fitment twice.
quality control of carbon fiber car parts
carbon fiber car parts packing

Packing and Delivery

Your products will be thoroughly and safely packed to avoid damage during delivery. We promise that all the products will be in the most satisfactory condition when you receive them.

We guarantee that our experts will inform you of the lead time and arrange the shipment without hassle.

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Fiber Parts in Shasha

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