Material Sourcing

We source raw materials from branded Toray Company in Japan. The material can be stored for a longer time and helps improve the products’ quality. Besides, the varnish we use for coating the surface is antioxidant and UV certified.
carbon fiber material sourcing
carbon fiber car parts molding

Rapid In-house Moulding

After scanning the factory automotive component, we start to construct precise molding. Our team has years of experience in carbon fiber molding and is capable of providing molds in as few as three days.

Fiber Cutting and Automatic Placement

After cutting shapes out of the carbon fiber sheeting, our skilled operators use automatic machines to place fiber on the available mold. Automatic Fiber Placement results in more precise and aesthetic products and optimizes structural performance. It essentially improves our capacity and efficiency.
carbon fiber car parts cutting

Cured with Autoclave Technology

In the curing process, Pre-impregnated piles are put into the mold under heat and pressure in a vacuum autoclave. Our professional manufacturing team is knowledgeable in formulating and implementing the curing system to ensure the precision and durability of our products.

CNC Cutting, Milling and Drilling

We possess advanced CNC technology to cut, mill, and drill the cured carbon fiber parts. This technique leads to high precision and top-quality edges. It also enormously improves the aesthetic look of your car components.

Dust-free Finishes

The oil spraying and polishing are finished under the environment thermostatic and without dust. Each oil spraying is followed by polishing, and this process is repeated three times. Oil spraying and polishing result in an anti-UV and stereoscopic surface.

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